About US

Exist international is a business enterprise operating in many areas and having its headquarters in Istanbul. It represents Turkey in foreign markets especially in construction sector with it’s professional team consist of engineers and architects.

Performing the majority of its activities in export channels, Exist international with its specialized and experienced staff carries out projects in a wide range of applications and provides a complete service including engineering, construction, electrical and mechanical systems on turnkey basis from one source.

We also supply package solutions for various construction materials such as ceramic tiles, sanitary ware equipment’s(lavatories, toilets etc.), interior and outer door systems, window systems with different specs, roofing and cladding equipment’s and offer projecting and consultancy for site management, and transportation.

Our Values

Our motto is to comply with business ethic rules and fair working principles. Our principle is to treat with goodwill and understanding, comply with ethic rules and applicable laws.

We believe in long-term relationships based on mutual benefits with our organizations and individual customers we cooperate.

The basis of each relationship is “confidence”. We are proud of having customers who trust us by working in a partnership model for crucial projects.

We always establish relationships with our customers and partners on the basis of high confidence level.

Our basic values for business and personal life are honesty, sustainability and diversity.


Our resources are human and quality oriented business principles, our sensitivity for being reliable and feel confidence, our transparency principle and being a successful team with high self-confidence.

The passion for success has never stopped following the human being since he becomes a social creature. Each individual determines targets for himself both in education and business life. Likewise, the enterprises should exist, make profit and develop under difficult competitive conditions. For this reason, never leave anything to chance! The most crucial capital of corporations is human resources. The quality of services and products starts from quality of workforce.

The successful organizations should establish their human resources and workforce structure for the purpose of managing to living growing competitive conditions and developing within a global world market. The most crucial condition of this process is “service and product quality”.

The first condition for being distinguished among our competitors is to reach “quality” and make it “sustainable”. The basis of this is competent and qualified “workforce”.

The organizations having long-term development plans as well as secured and rooted corporate culture, workforce consisting of respectable and self-confident in their business and social lives, communicate with their social environments shall be the successful companies of 21. century and be least-effected companies from negative conditions.


To provide practical, economical, quality and constructive solutions in a short time with today’s advanced technology. Our team, which has developed products and services for this purpose, first adopted the viewpoint of health and safety of life, continuity in quality, protection of the environment and natural resources. Our vision is based on the following principles.

Full and continuous customer satisfaction,

Support to the customer during and after sales,

A product range with contemporary, environmental and functional features,

Expert team that aims to meet customer demands exactly in time and completely in line with sector conditions,

Professional, educated staff working in awareness of maintaining and improving the quality, environment and business safety management system,

Principle of “Firstly Health and Safety”

The philosophy of protecting the environment and natural resources, respecting the living world and preventing pollution.